Smart tool to protect public transport revenues, assets, passengers and mobility

Fare evasion (travelling without a valid ticket) is a serious problem affecting public transport worldwide. Not only does it cause significant revenue losses for transport operators, but it also creates a feeling of unfairness and unease among paying passengers.

With DETECTOR, our aim is to help transport operators in their efforts to tackle the problem of fare evasion, as a complementary solution to their already existing control systems.

How it works



A camera above the ticket barrier feeds images to DETECTOR’s AI-software and detects fraudulent incidents.

A ticket inspector checks a fare evasion alert on the app developed by Awaait


The system forwards screenshots of each incident to the app installed on the smartphones of ticket inspectors.



The outcome of each incident is fed back to the system so that other inspectors can see it in real time, allowing for coordinated ticket checks.



Public operators can make use of real-time fare evasion data, real-time intervention tracking, efficiency analysis, and inspection routes recommendations.

Direct benefits

check-solidDrastic reduction in fare evasion at entrances to mass transit systems (subway, train stations)

check-solidLeaner, more responsive inspection teams that can conduct rapid interventions

check-solidLess random ticket control inconveniences for fare-paying passengers

check-solidInterventions during rush-hours without interrupting passenger flow 

check-solidContinuous real-time statistics to improve ticket-inspection tactics

Initially deployed in Barcelona, DETECTOR is currently actively operating at 14 stations and being tested in 5 different countries. 

Efficiency and reliability

Our computer vision algorithms are designed to work with minimum hardware and software requirements for maximum efficiency. 

The algorithms recognise the movement patterns of offenders while ignoring non-relevant activity and generating few false positives. 

One camera for multiple gates

Cameras are installed above the ticket barriers allowing for a multi-angle view over the passengers entering or exiting the stations. 

One camera can surveil multiple access gates at the same time. 

DETECTOR is a standalone system that works exclusively on video analytics, and is not connected to the fare gates or to the ticket validation systems. 

Detector app

Ticket inspectors receive fare-dodging alerts within 3-5 seconds of the incidents on the app installed on their smartphones (available both on iOS and Android). The alerts can be customised to include sound and vibration. 

The app has a simple and easy-to-use UI, displaying clear sequential images of the fraudulent incident/ passenger at the gate. 

Ticket inspectors can log the outcome of each incident in the app (passenger was checked/ fined or not fined, etc.)


With DETECTOR’s web-based dashboards, public operators can make use of real-time fare evasion data, real-time intervention tracking, efficiency analysis, and inspection routes recommendations, with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly statistics. 

Granularity: per gate and per hour.

Performance and scalability

Our system can be customized to fit your video managing system architecture

Intranet-based architecture

Cloud-based architecture

Fare evasion methods our system can detect






Measured drop in fare evasion as reported by public transport operator FGC after pilot tests in Barcelona