Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our proprietary algorithms, utilizing Deep Learning and Recurrent Neural Networks, expertly analyze video streams from surveillance cameras, turning raw data into actionable intelligence.


Experience the efficiency of our AI engine, which generates accurate real-time alerts, empowering your team to make fast and effective interventions and swiftly respond to sudden anomalies.


Manage your operations anytime, anywhere. Our system allows for easy and practical operations, controllable 24/7 from your smartphone or tablet with our user-friendly app, available on Android and iOS.


Generate insightful, real-time and historical data visualizations through customised dashboards. Our system presents information in an easily digestible format, including diagrams, graphs, charts, and heat-maps, enabling informed decision-making.

AWAAIT stands at the forefront of innovation with its proprietary AI models, meticulously designed, trained, and tested in-house. We take pride in our independence, not relying on external software or annotation services. The core of our technology lies in the detection of movement patterns within zones of interest —such as validation zones for fare evasion detection— without utilizing sensitive personal data like gender, age, or racial and ethnic origin.

Understanding the critical nature of AI systems, AWAAIT is committed to the long-term success and functionality of our products. Throughout the expected lifetime of our AI systems, we maintain transparent communication with our clients and perform all necessary maintenance and care measures. This includes timely software updates to ensure the system’s optimal performance. In addition, AWAAIT operates a comprehensive post-market monitoring system. This proactive approach involves the systematic collection, documentation, and analysis of relevant data. This rigorous process ensures the continuous compliance of our AI systems with the stringent requirements set out in the AI-Act, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to quality and safety.