Real-time industrial solutions using artificial intelligence

We develop and provide real-time video analytics software powered with artificial intelligence and controllable through mobile applications.



Our solution for tackling fare evasion in public transport using selective inspections

DETECTOR uses artificial vision algorithms backed up with artificial intelligence techniques to detect fare evasion in real-time. It has a high accuracy in detecting different fare evasion methods, allowing ticket inspectors for immediate and effective interventions.

Prevent and reduce financial losses caused by fare evasion.

Organise strategic ticket control teams that can cover larger areas and run more effective checks.​

Run inspections only on fare-dodging alerts without bothering fare-paying passengers.

Mobile alert in 3''

Our AI-ML software is able to systematically detect different forms of fare evasion such as tailgating, gate forcing, reverse entry, sliding under or jumping over turnstiles, on different types of fare gates.

We have designed a system that works exclusively on video analytics, without any connection to the ticket validation systems or to the access gates.

Custom System Architecture

Video analytics processed centrally in rack server(s), connected to your video management system at your control center

Video analytics processed on the edge, in mini computers installed at the stations