AWAAIT Artificial Intelligence

AWAAIT develops software solutions using artificial intelligence and mobile technology for video surveillance and security purposes.

Awaait started activities in 2014 with a key contract awarded by FGC regional and commuter train operator in Barcelona.

In 2015 and 2017 Awaait secured the first and second phase of the EU H2020 SME grant, allowing for internationalising and scaling-up the core product DETECTOR

In 2020, in reesponse to the global pandemic, Awaait’s engineers developed the Real-Time AI Face Mask Usage Monitor system, a variation of DETECTOR’s software. 

The team now comprises 15 members, and the products are fully functional and being tested in different countries around the world. 

”AWAAIT” is the phonetic transcription of the Catalan word ‘aguait’, meaning watchful/ vigilant.

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