AWAAIT deploys its fare dodging detection system DETECTOR at Provenca and Placa Catalunya FGC’s stations in Barcelona

After successful tests conducted in Provença station during this last year, the regional and commuter train operator has decided to deploy the system further.

Barcelona, June 9 th , 2015 – The regional and commuter train operator Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) inaugurated today the installation of DETECTOR in the Bergara hall of Plaça Catalunya station (Barcelona). The event counted with the presence of the Catalan Minister of Territory and Sustainability, Mr. Santi Vila, and the President of FGC, Mr. Enric Ticó. This is the final milestone of the system’s full deployment in Provença and Plaça Catalunya stations after the successful pilot tests conducted in Provença station this past year.

DETECTOR is an automatic real-time video analytics system that aims to tackle fare evasion on public transport. Via Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning algorithms, a camera over the ticket barrier observes the ticket validation process. The system sends an alert to mobile terminals when detecting a fare dodging incident. A sequence of images is sent within 3 seconds to inspector’s smartphones, enabling them to react rapidly and intercept offenders before they reach the platform. The system also feeds back the outcome of each inspection to be seen in real time by other inspectors, allowing coordinated ticket control deployments.

Since ticket controls using DETECTOR are very selective, checks on paying passengers are drastically reduced and overall mobility remains undisturbed. Moreover, fare evasion reduction helps to improve public transport’s economic sustainability.

DETECTOR has been developed in collaboration with the regional and commuter train operator Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) as part of their “Smart Train programme”.

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