AWAAIT showcases its real-time fare evasion system DETECTOR at UITP Summit 2019

Barcelona-based software company AWAAIT has attended the UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2019, which took place in Stockholm from the 9-12 June.

During the event AWAAIT has focused on networking and on showcasing its main product DETECTOR, with the objectives to increase awareness about the company and find new leads.

AWAAIT’s product was presented under the umbrella of Axis Communications – our partner which specializes in network video solutions.

The company’s CEO Xavier Arrufat also delivered a presentation titled AI applied to the public transport sector: a successful case study regarding fare evasion.

The presentation included a short introduction to AI development and applications in public transport and elaborated on the practical benefits of DETECTOR.

As cited in the events newspaper, Mr. Arrufat explains that ‘’The problem is that the vast majority of people pay (their fares), so we are unnecessarily bothering them by asking them to show their ticket’’.

DETECTOR is a pioneering system using artificial vision algorithms backed up with artificial intelligence techniques to detect fare evasion in public transport.

It provides an extremely precise analysis of ‘irregular’ fraudulent behaviors which allow ticket inspectors for efficient, rapid interventions.

The system’s greatest added value is to prevent revenue losses for public operators due to fare evasion.

It also enables selective security checks without disturbing commuter flow, and a more effective deployment of smaller, strategic ticket inspector teams.

Using DETECTOR’s analytics, public operators can make use of real-time fare evasion data, real-time intervention tracking, efficiency analysis, and inspection routes recommendations, with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly statistics.


Founded in 2014, AWAAIT is a Barcelona-based company focused on the streamlined development of innovative solutions using artificial intelligence and mobile technology.

The company’s name AWAAIT is the phonetic transcription of the Catalan word ‘aguait’, meaning watchful/ vigilant.